Liora O'Donnell Goldensher

2020 Ph.D., Sociology and Humanistic Studies, Princeton University
2017 M.A., Princeton University
Exam Fields: Political Sociology (Paul Starr), Sociology of Knowledge (Kim Scheppele), Sociology of Science, Technology, and Medicine (Elizabeth Armstrong and Janet Vertesi)
2010 B.A. Smith College, Magna Cum Laude
Majors: Sociology, Study of Women and Gender (concentrations: Historical Perspectives; Women, Race and Culture)
School for International Training semester, Bamako, Mali: Gender, Health and Development program

Academic Positions
2020 - Virginia Tech // Blacksburg, VA // Postdoctoral Fellow, Department of Science, Technology, and Society

Grants, Fellowships, Honors, and Awards
2022 Pathways Curricular Development Grant, Virginia Tech
2019 William G. Bowen Merit Fellowship, Princeton University
2018 Dissertation Research Improvement Grant, Law and Society, National Science Foundation
2017 Research Award, Program in US Health Policy, Center for Health and Wellbeing, School of Public and International Affairs, Princeton University
2015, 2016, 2017 Fellow, West Street Schoolhouse Artists-in-Residency Program
2017 Marvin Bressler Undergraduate Teaching Award, Princeton University
2017 Doctoral Fellowship, Program in Interdisciplinary Humanities, Princeton University
2016 Research Prize, Program in American Studies, Princeton University
2015 Summer Research Grant, Program in Gender and Sexuality Studies, Princeton University
2010 Phi Beta Kappa
2009-10 Wahrsager Scholarship, Samuel Bowles Paper Prize, and Arthur Shattuck Parsons Memorial Prize, Smith College Department of Sociology

Goldensher, Liora O'Donnell. 2021. "'Cooperation without Consensus': Midwives’ Collaborations across Political Distance." Social Problems.
Goldensher, Liora O'Donnell. 2022. "'Mimicked Winks': Criminalized Conduct and the Ethics of Thick Description." Journal of Contemporary Ethnography.
Under Review at Midwifery Matters. Plavin, Sianna and Liora O'Donnell Goldensher. “Best Practices for Shared Decision-Making: Incorporating Decision Sciences with Insights From the Field.”
In preparation. Goldensher, Liora O'Donnell. "You cannot want your birth to be covered: Discretion, Normative Inflection, and Emergent Pricing Norms in Homebirth Midwifery."
In preparation. Goldensher, Liora O'Donnell. "Realism, Relativisms, and Minimization: The Limits of Epistemic Flexibility and Political Pluralism in Homebirth Midwifery During COVID-19."

Invited Talks
2021. "Discretion and Normative Inflection in Homebirth Midwifery's Emergent Pricing Norms." Women's and Gender Studies Program, Virginia Tech. December 2021.
2021 “Homebirth After COVID: Was 2020 A Turning Point for United States Homebirth Midwifery?” Center for the Humanities, Virginia Tech. April 2021.
2019 "Professionalizing Informed Choice." Health Studies Program, Haverford College. Haverford, Pennsylvania. November 2019.

Academic Presentations
2022 "Realisms, Relativisms, and Agnotology: Limits of Epistemic Flexibility and Political Pluralism in COVID-19 Homebirth Midwifery.” Panel presentation at Eastern Sociological Society Mini-conference: Sociology of Reproduction, Boston, MA. 2020 "Authorizing a Counterprofession: Social Science for Midwifery." Panel presentation at American Sociological Association Annual Meeting.
2019 “Experts of Subjective Thought: Producing Knowledge, Setting Standards.” Open Panel sessions organized with Leah Reisman at 4S (Society for Social Studies of Science) Annual Meeting, New Orleans, Louisiana.
2019 “Cooperation without Consensus: The Midwives’ Model of Care as Boundary Object.” Roundtable presentation at American Sociological Association Annual Meeting, New York, New York.
2019 "Managing the Border Between Alternative and Mainstream." CHCI Health Humanities Summer Institute, Paris, France.
2017 “Illegal or Alegal Practice and Jurisdictional Contests: The Case of Homebirth Midwifery.” Panel presentation at Eastern Sociological Society Mini-conference: Sociology of Reproduction, Philadelphia, PA.
2016 “Childhood Vaccination: Were American Parents Successfully Politicized in 2015?” Aage Sorensen Memorial Conference. Stockholm, Sweden.

Research Assistantships and Fellowships
2016 Research Asst., Erin Johnston, Department of Sociology, Princeton University
2015 Research Asst., Ghetto, Prof. Mitch Duneier, Department of Sociology, Princeton University, Warsaw, Poland
2009, 2011 Research Asst., Liberative Pedagogies Project, Prof. Donna Riley, Department of Engineering, Smith College
2009-10 Undergraduate Fellow, Kahn Institute for Liberal Arts Research, Wellness and Disease group, Smith College
2009 Research Asst., Understanding Healing, Prof. Eeva Sointu, Department of Sociology, Smith College

2021, 2022
STS 3314 Medical Dilemmas and Human Experiences, Virginia Tech
2020, 2021
WGS 4334 Sexual Medicine, Virginia Tech
Graduate Fellow, McGraw Center for Teaching and Learning, Princeton University
SOC 213: American Minorities, teaching team member (East Jersey State Prison/Princeton Prison Teaching Initiative
SOC 107: Sociology of Inequality, teaching team member (East Jersey State Prison/Princeton Prison Teaching Initiative)
SOC 302: Sociological Theory, teaching assistant (Professor Patricia Fernandez-Kelly)
SOC 101: Introduction to Sociology, teaching assistant (Professor Paul Starr)